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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Middle East Quartet Criticized

Acoording to a report by leading humanitarian and human rights organisations published on 25 September, the Middle East Quartet (EU, Russia, UN, USA) fails to make progress towards improving the lives of Palestinians nor improving the prospects for peace. The report, using data gathered by the humanitarian and human rights organisations that work on the ground, is questioning if the the Middle East Quartet is further required in future when they can not improve their outcome.

The report focuses on 10 political issues in the region which are considered to be of vital importance for the broader peace process. The Quartet failed to improve the situation in five of the ten Quartet’s objectives. In the cessation of violence in Gaza, the agreement on reinvigoration of the private sector, the fulfilment of donor pledges, and Palestinian security sector reform and increasing fuel to Gaza there has not been a significant progress or an actual deterioration in the situation.
This report provides recommendations to Quartet members on how best to respond to ensure urgently needed progress.

Middle East Quartet is failing, warn aid agencies

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Anonymous said...

Thats interesting..I wonder what results the Middle East Quartet reached so far?? It is really an initiative without purpose and drive