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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Socialist Group present their future of Euro-Mediterranean relations

The Socialist Group in the European Parliament, PSE, has published in April 2008 its report “The Future of the EU-Mediterranean Relations”. The PSE proposed in their document to re-launch the EU-Mediterranean relations and underlines the potential which remains to be optimized.

The main objectives are:

• Consolidate the spirit of the Barcelona process by re-affirming its conceptual framework in view of the construction of the establishment of a community of values, interests and destinies, breaking with the security logics of the Mediterranean stakes.
• Announce a real policy of democratisation and promotion of human rights via a visible support to the civil societies and political organisations.
• Launch an agenda of economical regional and sub-regional cooperation in order to lower the social and economic disparities between the two shores and anchor the region into the global economy.
• Participate with our proposals in the debates and initiatives which aim at reviewing and developing the EU-Mediterranean cooperation by strengthening them in the framework of the existing institutions. In this perspective the European Parliament will have a major role to play. At the same time, the EMPA will assure the parliamentary dimension of the Barcelona Process. Finally, civil society must find its place within the EU-Mediterranean decision making mechanisms.

Read the hole pdf-document of the PSE "The future of the EU-Mediterranean Relations"

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