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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Europe for Mediterranean Journalists

“Europe for Mediterranean Journalists” is an 18-month long project financed by the European Commission. The European Journalism Centre, the International Federation of Journalists, the Thomson Foundation and BBJ Consult are running the website. Sixty media organisations from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestinian Territories, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey are taking part in the project. All journalists from these sixty media teams are participating in the programme and will form the network; but also journalists from the Mediterranean region and from Europe are invited to join if you are involved in the media.

The initiative aims to teach journalists from Southern Mediterranean countries how to gather information about European affairs. The program consists of conferences, workshops, and seminars about the relations between the EU and the Mediterranean countries, and of training in new media technologies and methods.

On the trilingual (English, French and Arabic) website, journalists is provided information on specific aspects of the cooperation and relations between the European Union and the Mediterranean region. Journalist from the Southern Mediterranean countries may become part of the journalists’ network section. There you can build up a network within you have the opportunity to contact partners and colleagues from the region for help, advice or exchange of projects and ideas.

In my opinion the creation of a network among journalists in the region is important to reinforce co-operation among media. However, the website gives hardly information about the status of the project. As the website stated, the project started on May 29-31. However, in which year it came into practice, I could not find out. The latest news on the website was written in the beginning of 2008. If it is still running is unclear; maybe a small notice about would be worth.

Europe for Mediterranean Journalists

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