Think EU-MED

Monday, September 1, 2008

EuroMed Info Centre

The EuroMed Info Centre is a project on the European and Mediterranean partnership. The project was initiated by the European Commission and is financed by the MEDA Regional Information and Communication programme.

Its main aim is to make the MEDA Regional Programme and the EU's partnership with the Mediterranean more visible to the general public and opinion leaders (political, institutional, business, industrial, in civil society and the media) in all areas covered by the partnership. EUROMed presents the advantages that the European Union’s genuine partnership with the countries in our neighbourhood brings. They deal with requests from EC Delegations, support Mediterranean journalists and help MEDA-funded civil society campaign managers seeking to disseminate information on their work.

With the launch of its newly designed website, anyone interested in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, in regional and bilateral projects, or in the European Neighbourhood Policy can get a great package of information in three languages – including Arabic.

Visit the Website: