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The Mediterranean is … “a thousand things together. It is not one landscape, but numerous landscapes, It is not one sea, but a complex of seas. It is not one civilisation, but a number of civilisations, piled one above the other.” (Fernand Braudel; The Mediterranean).
The Euro-Mediterranean space is a complex and heterogeneous region full of common history, culture, and charm but also of tensions and misunderstandings. The Mediterranean sea divides but also unifies the people of the two shores, it is a frontier and a bridge.

With this Blog I try to combine both my interest in the European Union and the countries of the Middle East and North Africa. This blog is devoted to improve the quality of the debate on the European Union and its relations with the North-African countries and the Middle East. It is a forum to discuss ideas, policies challenges and initiatives from across the region. Anyone willing to assist EU-MED Relations in our work or with suggestions should contact me:
Moritz Schneider